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Youngstown OH Suburban Growth

Youngstown OH is experiencing good growth in its nearby suburbs. South of town are two cities for those who have had enough of man's so-called progress, these cities are Salem and Sebring OH. Sufficient small towns with a little flair and they are steadily drawing from the city areas. Many are moving there who cannot afford the suburbs or do not wish to participate in mass exploitation of tract homes no matter how many walkways and parks you put around them.
When people talk about the mid-sized city areas of OH we like to compare them for instance where is the Growth in Toledo, Dayton, Youngstown, Canton, Akron or Dayton. We see many opportunities and many miss-stated facts about the cities. We also see that the people there are very much engrained in the local newspapers views of things, yet fail to see the diamond in the rough or even understand what makes the city view themselves different and opportunistic, and the catering politicians rather than explain it to …