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Understanding the Real Estate Market Cycle and Uncovering Hot Emerging Markets

No study of real estate investing would be complete without a comprehensive understanding of markets and how those markets are affected by economic conditions. Only through an understanding of this critical topic can the Investor properly understand their risk exposure and implement strategic investment planning and effective risk mitigation techniques. Market Cycles
The following section will provide an overview of the four major phases of a real estate market cycle. Although each of these phases have specific characteristics that make them stand apart from one another, unfortunately, the initial transitions in and out of each phase may not be plainly obvious. The four market phases are listed below:
- Sellers Market I (Expansion)
- Sellers Market II (Equilibrium)
- Buyers Market I (Decline)
- Buyers Market II (Absorption
Each phase of this cycle can present the Investor with both challenges to overcome as well as opportunities to benefit from. The well informed and acti…