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The Things You Learn From Radio Schools

In 1902, the State of Ohio adopted the only American flag that was not in the shape of a rectangle. Based upon a pennant, it consists of thirteen stars representing the 13 states. The 4 extra stars near the triangle's tip was the symbol that stated Ohio as the union's seventeenth state. Aside from signifying the state's distinctiveness, the uniqueness of the flag also referred to the grand colleges and universities that are included in the different smorgasbord of Ohio radio schools.
And yes, Ohio has a claim to fame with its radio schools. Some Ohio radio school graduates have gone on to make identities for themselves in the field of their choosing. There's Robin Meade, 1991, a CNN news anchor, and Johm Telich of WJW Cleveland, Ohio sports anchor live on-air radio personality from E. Gilmartin, "Casey Malone" is a May 1998 Youngstown University graduate.
Located in Athens, Ohio State University extends students the option of some degrees in br…