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On New Year’s Day, the herdsmen blew their horns

A commons new year.  Having defeated the feudal lords the German commoners ran their own communities and celebrated.  I liked this from The Wealth of Commons book.

Community life was lively and featured an annual procession around the boundaries of the village and the lands belonging to it, a communal drink after auditing the common box (the community funds). Folk customs were combined

Mumia Abu-Jamal 'The fiscal cliff? It’s “Blazing Saddles.”

New Mumia Column: “What ‘Fiscal Cliff’?”

Posted on December 23, 2012 by EMAJ
[col. writ. 12/11/12] © ’12 Mumia Abu-Jamal

From every TV and radio news broadcast, the words, `fiscal cliff’ are
being mentioned, in a tone and frequency of dread and fear. Listeners,
viewers and readers can sense the dread and faux fear, but little
clarity arises from the dust.

What is the fiscal

The Economics of Common Pool Property

(draft article, comment and feedback welcome)

tragedy of the commons was a concept put forward by a biologist but Garrett Hardin’s
underlying assumptions, when he developed it, are drawn quite distinctly from
economics.   As Elinor Ostrom, who shared a Nobel Prize in economics for
her efforts in challenging the idea of the 'tragedy', noted while Hardin was a
biologist, he shared the

Mumia Abu-Jamal on the revolution for Mother Earth

Message for ‘Earth Amplified’ [Speech writ. 5/27/12] © ’12 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Ona Move!

What is Global Liberation?

Is it the election of people that, (we think), thinks like us?

Is it the replacement of one system with another one?

Is it the imposition of more humanistic economic theories of governance?

If we’re honest, we see that it is none of these things; for if global

Statement of SWP Democratic Opposition

FYI I found the SWP on the whole a positive group to work with over the last couple of years, particularly around ecology and climate change.  However I was interested to see this call for democratisation. comments welcome

Statement of SWP Democratic Opposition
Four comrades have been expelled for forming a ‘secret faction’ during the discussions prior toSWP conference. The expelled members

Get down to Combe Haven, trees being cut down need defending (friday 21st december)

Defend the trees at Adams Farm! (Fri 21 Dec)

December 21, 2012 by combehavendefenders

HELP NEEDED NOW TO DEFEND THE TREES! Early morning reports on the
ground suggest contractors are going to attempt to fell trees at Adams
Farm (TN33 9AY). This is one of the last remaining areas with
significant number of large trees on the route of the road.

Security and police reported at the top of

The Commons in Mongolia

the early medieval period nomadic herders travelled across huge territories
freely however access to land over time, while remaining communal became more formalized
and restricted.  Genghis Khan (1162?-1227) granted land to his allies to
cement his political and military power.  This allowed a Mongolian
nobility to control communal pastureland and they were able to tax herders.
 Thus as in

Understanding the property game

Direct action by UK Uncut has been brilliantly effective at putting the spotlight on tax-evading corporations.

The group's recent occupation of Starbucks branches up and down Britain has embarrassed the company into admitting that it pays virtually no tax and even volunteering a token sum.

Of course, the Con-Dems love corporations. Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement included

The Wealth of Commons

Derek WallInternational Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales, authorThe Wealth of CommonsEdited by David Bollier and Silke HelfrichLevellers Press
The popularity of collective, ecologically-responsible ownership is growing . From Venezuela's creation of 21st century socialism based on communal councils to the late great Professor Elinor Ostrom's Nobel Prize

A song for Doha. Climate Song.

Summer Tumblers - Climate Song

"Imagine a world where the leaders of nations should some respect for future generations and couldn't be bought by big corporations, imagine the thinks they would do.

So lift up your voices and never be silenced....:

Save Heatherwood Hospital, march 11.30, saturday 8th December

Save Heatherwood Hospital | Public March | December 8th

The Save Heatherwood Hospital campaign is planning a march up Ascot High Street to Heatherwood Hopsital, on Saturday December 8th.  Assemble 11.30am in Car Park 6, at the bottom of Ascot High St, next to the Jaguar showroom. A presentation of a  23,000  signature petitions to seniorPrimary Care  Trust  representative, calling