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What Must Be Done to Stop Climate Change‏ by Chris Williams

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For a moment he lost himself in the old, familiar dream. He imagined
that he was master of the sky, that the world lay spread out beneath him,
inviting him to travel where he willed. It was not the world of his own time
that he saw, but the lost world of the dawn--a rich and living panorama

The Colombia Connection film showing 15th February

The Colombia Connection (Director: Pablo Navarrete, Alborada Films, 2012) As part of Movimientos' monthly event at Passing Clouds, there will be a special screening of the festival version of 'The Colombia Connection', a new documentary that explores Colombia's armed and social conflict and the role played by the US government. ... Time: 8pm-10pm (The film starts at 8.15pm and will be followed

Jerry Hicks has nominations to run for Unite General Secretary

I am absolutely delighted to be able to confirm that against all the odds and plenty of manoeuvres, we are on the ballot paper having had 56 nominations officially validated.We have others but some have yet to be sent in, and we are picking up more every day. We have until the 15th of February still to nominate, so no let up eh!

A massive thanks go to everyone and had it not been for us