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Green Party councillors open letter on Brighton strike action

(please sign and share, you can sign by leaving your name in the comments if you are a Green Party member)

Open letter regarding Cityclean Dispute at Brighton & Hove City Council

As concerned Green Party activists, Councillors and trade unionists we feel we have no option other than to write this letter. This is our response to the news that the Council's Cityclean workforce intend to

Solidarity Park Poetry

We are all poets and editors and have created Solidarity Park Poetry. The idea is to invite as many poems from the world over. We just launched yesterday and already the poems are rolling in! People seem excited by the initiative. Our Call Out for Poems is here:

Please do feel free to share and peruse our site, where we have


MPs will demand to know how former Prime Minister Tony Blair was able to push through a "flimsy case" for British involvement in the Iraq War in 2003 during a landmark debate in the House of Commons this week [1]. A cross party bid led by Green MP Caroline Lucas has successfully secured a six-hour debate to take place in Parliament on THURSDAY (13 JUNE) - giving today's MPs the chance to

Standing up to big gold

On July 3, 2012, Peruvian police opened fire on a public demonstration in the Andean town of Celendin, killing four protesters. José Sánchez was shot in the throat; Eleuterio García in the chest; Faustino Silva in the head. César Medina — the youngest among the dead at only 16 years old — was also shot in the head. Dozens more were seriously injured, and several arrested without cause. They were