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Why Population Matters are wrong on asylum!

I have a good friend who was imprisoned and tortured after
the Chilean coup in 1973. I know him because he was granted asylum in the
UK.  Asylum rights are under severe threat, tabloid extremism has fuelled
the growth of UKIP, and mainstream politicians are competing with each other to
reduce the number of asylum seekers and new migrants in Britain.  As we
know, our tabloid media takes our

Captain Jack 'Our job is to gnaw through the shark, to make no terms with British Imperialism'

During the 1945 General Election an unusual political event occurred
in the constituency of Antrim.  An
election meeting held in the local Orange Hall, was booked in the name of Jack
White standing as a republican socialist. 
Captain White denounced the union, the British Royal Family, capitalism
and a number of other icons, using strong language. The Orange Order, a
sectarian organisation

2009 NO2EU Candidate and NW Trade Unionists back Peter Cranie to kick out Nick Griffin

This is via Peter's blog at

Prominent 2009 NO2EU Candidate and NW Trade Unionists Back Green Campaign

I am very
pleased to report the following letter has been published in the Morning
Star today. I’d like to thank all of the signatories and extend an open
invitation to all anti-racist political

Homo sapiens under threat of extinction