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Green Party beer pledge 'as a bearded real ale drinker....'

As Green Party European Election candidate in the SE European elections I have been getting lots of emails about beer.

CAMRA and the Green Party have some shared goals and personally I am a bearded real ale drinker so this is what I have communicated.

Dear ,

The Green
Party supports the aims of CAMRA and works hard to promote them.

am a beer drinker and enjoy a pint in my

No to #TTIP Yes to Take Back the Power!

I have replied to several hundred requests for the 
Take Back the Power Pledge
as a Euro election candidate! 
Yep I have signed. No to TTIP!

Dear Roger,

I have signed the Take Back the Power pledge (and had over four hundred emails 
asking me to!).

You can see that it is mainly Greens who have signed if you look here

Fracking Insanity meeting, 8pm 10th April, Windsor Leisure Centre

Fracking Insanity meeting, thursday 10th April, Windsor Leisure Centre, Clewer Mead, Stovell Road, Windsor, SL4 5JB

Speakers: KEITH TAYLOR, MEP DEREK WALL, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Windsor PAUL MOBBS, environmental author and campaigner The meeting will be in the Shallows Room.
With more than enough conventional coal, gas and oil to bring
about extremely

'Land Grabs' Mumia Abu-Jamal

Transcript of prison radio talk from

the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation, U.S. politicians
have gone coo-coo, raising Cain about it, likening it to Hitler’s
seizure of Poland, with Americans snarling about violations of
international law, and “land grabs.” Almost immediately, Americans and
Europeans, citing