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Hugo Blanco 'Why are they so terrified at the sight of the people governing themselves and directing their own footsteps?'

Hugo Blanco of course will never retire!  Viva Hugo!

'Sub-Commander Marcos -- whose identity is not publicly known -- has not
died in the usual sense.  Rather, the individual known as Marcos has
withdrawn from that role for reasons stated here'

Lucha Indigena Editorial Hugo Blanco



Thomas Piketty. Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

my way to the Green Party conference in Brighton last autumn, I bumped
into a French member of our Party, who was clutching a copy, in French,
of Piketty’s magnus opus.  She was enthusiastic but I must admit I knew
nothing of Piketty, but I guessed, wrongly that he was some kind of
latter day Foucault or Althusser, up dating Das Kapital for the modern
world.  The
effects of Piketty

Caroline Lucas will march against austerity on June 21st

National Peoples Assembly march rally and festival

and listen to Green MP Caroline Lucas and join the People's Assembly in
calling for an end to Austerity. The march to Parliament will be
followed by a free festival!

Our priority blocs are: Health, Climate, Education, Welfare. The Young Greens plan to join the Students' bloc.

We'll also have a stall at Parliament Square