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1000 people march in London against ISIS assault

Brief report from Sarah Parker, thanks Sarah for permission to use

I thought people might like a short report of today's demonstration for Kobane and against ISIS.

Don’t let Kobane fall!

On Sunday 28 September 1000 or so people marched from Angel Edmonton
through Haringey to the Kurdish community

Unite Against ISIS attacks in Kobane March in London



Kurds will march from Angel Corner, Edmonton to Haringey on Sunday
28th Sept. 2014 from 1pm to condemn ISIS attacks on the city of Kobane,
Northern Syria (Western Kurdistan) and ask for the support of the UK
public and government

ISIS gangs have been attacking the city of Kobane since 15th September
2014. They have been beheading and kidnapping civilians in the villages

Kurdish Demonstration stop the genocide from #ISIS and #Turkey Wednesday 24th 1pm Parliament Square , London

Kurdish Demonstration Wednesday 24th 1pm Parliament Square

From Kurdish Unity Facebook

To all, we will be gathering on - Wednesday 24th September at 1pm - for a Gigantic Protest in Parliament Square.

 According to new

Thank you for Lucha Indigena appeal



[Agricultural societies commonly have a custom of shared labor for a common goal.  Among the peoples of the Andes, this is known as minga.  Opposite the editorial in the present issue of Lucha Indígena is a letter from Manuel Rozental and Raúl Zibechi, announcing the initiation of a financial campaign in support of the magazine.  The goal in the

Green Party determined to stop extracting ever more coal, oil and gas

Caroline Lucas MP and other Greens supporting a Frack Free Zone

Green Party of England and Wales are active in the campaign against
fossil fuels. Here, Derek Wall - their International Coordinator -
explains the role the Green Party has taken in the fight against

The message at the heart of Green Party of England and
Wales work on climate change is to stop

Stop the ISIS attacks on Kobanê Stop the continuing arms supplies to ISIS from Turkey

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) statement, 17 September, 2014

Stop the ISIS attacks on Kobanê
Stop the continuing arms supplies to ISIS from Turkey

Solidarity with Western Kurdistan (Rojava) 

The Middle East continues to resemble a tinderbox. The barbaric
organization ISIS increasingly terrorizes the entire region. Apart from
attacks on Kurdish regions in Northern Iraq, where ISIS

Emergency protest against ISIS, Turkish Embassy 12-3pm today

Urgent appeal to the world – Stop the brutal attacks by ISIS in KobanePress StatementSince 15 September the Islamic State has been carrying out the heaviest attacks yet on the Kurdish population of the Canton of Kobanê in Rojava (Western Kurdistan). Weapons delivered by Turkey are being used as well as weapons looted during the recent violent sweep through North Iraq. Representatives of Kobanê


This was agreed in May but seems a good day to repost!

KURDS FOR AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND On 18 September 2014, the Scottish people have an opportunity to determine their own future as an independent country in a free vote. The choice that they make in this independence referendum will influence the lives of future generations. Furthermore, the result will have a profound impact on the

Review: Capitalism and its Alternatives by Chris Rogers. Zed Press

Capitalism and its Alternatives by Chris Rogers. Zed PressChris
Rogers attempts to describe contemporary capitalism, to suggest that it
is inevitably crisis ridden and that an alternative is needed. He also
describes various alternatives to capitalism. This is a relatively short
and admirably clear book.  It provides a good introduction to political
economy and Chris to his credit

The Act of Killing

I am watching The Act of Killing, imagine a country where over 600,000 people were killed by para military death squads and imagine 40 years later interviewing those who killed.

Not monsters or cartoon villians but real human beings undertook killing on an industrial scale.

Death squads are on their way back, from Honduras to the Philippines, Colombia to the Middle East, groups of right wing

Green Party conference motion supports Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign

Emergency Motion to Green Party conference September 2014 

Very pleased this was passed by over 2/3rds at Green Party conference on saturday we also had packed meeting on Gaza

condemns Israel's ground invasion, aerial and marine bombing of Gaza,
and calls on Green Party and Green Party elected representatives to take
what steps they can to put

Rojava at Green Party conference

I had a very conference, as well as running a session on Ostrom and the commons and chairing Gaza/Palestine, I also chaired a session with speaker about the plight of Christians in Iraq/Syria and two Kurdish speakers.

Green Party members listened intently to Dr Alan Semo, representative of the main political party in Rojava, the Democratic Union Party.

I learnt that via Jenny Jones and

Book Review: Richard Seymour 'Against Austerity' Pluto. 2014.

Book Review:  Richard Seymour 'Against Austerity' 
Pluto. 2014.

(Published in Green World the Green Party magazine)

In May this year, 20 year old Martin Hadfield, committed suicide after being
rejected for over 40 jobs.  He had refused to accepted benefits and felt a

 £1.5 million is being slashed from Kew's budget with a loss of 120
jobs.  Austerity has led to a host of other

Green Party conference: A beginners guide

Conference runs from tomorrow, 5th September to Monday.  Green Party membership has risen by 30% this year and there will be more members coming to conference, I think, than ever before.  At least 750 at the latest count.

It may be a confusing experience for new members, so here are some thoughts. 

All attending members can vote on policy, the controversial area is energy where a long

Democracy against the State

Miguel Abensour's 'Democracy Against the State: Marx and the Machiavellian Moment' covers a fascinating topic.

Machiavelli rather than just providing a political guidebook to evil 'The Prince' has been understood also as a republican radical.  In his 'Discourses on Livy' he discusses Levy's history of ancient republican Rome, while the discourses cover some of the same ground as 'The

New book on the Ostroms

Paul Dragos Aligica's new book 'Institutional Diversity and Political Economy: The Ostroms and Beyond' (Oxford University Press), fascinates me.  It is full of ideas.  Stimulating unusual ideas.  So often I look at books and kind of think 'I know about this already', not this one.

However I would not recommend it as a first book on the Ostroms.  Vincent and Elinor were unusual thinkers and

Appeal from Rojava on the World Day of Peace, 1 September 2014

Appeal by Co-chairman of the PYD, Mohamed Saleh Muslim, on behalf of the people in the cantons of Rojava,  Qamişlo, 01.09.2014

To the international community,
To the members of the United Nations,
To all international aid organisations,

On the occasion of the World Day of Peace, I want, as someone who has
not lost his hope for peace, to address this letter to you. The purpose
of this

Amelia Womack wins, Green Party leadership ballot results

The results of the Gpex elections 2014 were as follows:
Party Leader: Natalie Bennett was elected 2618 Re-Open Nominations (RON): 183
Party Deputy Leaders:
In the first round – Amelia Womack was elected with 1598, Will Duckworth's 1108
In the Second round – Shahrar Ali was elected 1314 to Will Duckworth's 1277
Gpex Chair: Richard Mallender was elected 2640 to RON 101
Campaigns Co-Ordinator: