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Please prioritise #GreenParty motion supporting #Kurds #Rojava

The ballot to priorise motions for Green Party England and Wales spring conference has opened.You can vote here you will need your user name and password for the members site.  Only open to GPEW members.
Please support the Rojava motion!

Rojava and the Kurds
Members website discussion here.
Derek Wall*, Adam Ramsay, Alcuin Edwards, Anne

Green Party to review its internal democracy and structures!

Well with over 30,000 members the Green Party of England and Wales is reviewing its structures, do we need to change Green Party Executive, Green Party Regional Council and reboot are internal democracy?

I have been sent the following and would value you other suggestions on governance if you have them I will blog!  This is one perspective parts of which I agree others of which I

MEPs reject plans to ease way for tar sands oil

just had this, good news

Press release: Tar sands oil - MEPs reject plans to ease way for tar sands oil

Caroline Lucas says Cameron 'obssession with new roads is environmentally reckless'

Roads funding: Only Greens committed to delivering a real transport revolution

1 December 2014

*Transport policy still heading in the wrong direction

*Major new road schemes 'economically questionable as well as environmentally reckless'. 

The Coalition government’s re-announcement of plans to invest £15bn on roads over the next five years locks in our unhealthy, carbon-intensive