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Free Shilan Ozcelik and send her a letter or card while she is in prison!

Shilan Ozcelik, a young London Kurdish woman jailed on terrorist charges for wanting to fight ISIS with the YPG/YPJ in Rojava. She is currently in Remand in HMP Holloway, London and back in court on 1st April 2015. Bring banners and placards and noise and rage!
DELIST THE PKK! Article here:

J.M.Coetzee's novel 'Youth'

Among the magazines he comes across in Dillons is The African Communist.
He has heard about The African Communist but not actually seen it
hitherto, since it is banned in South Africa. Of the contributors, some,
to his surprise, turn out to be contemporaries of his from Cape Town -
fellow students of the kind who slept all day and went to parties in the
evenings, got drunk, sponged on

Green Party opposes TTIP

I am Green Party General Election candidate in Windsor.  I have been getting lots of questions about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Platform.  A proposed agreement between the US and EU, promising more investment, it would, however, give corporations the right to sue governments for workers and enviromental protection.

It is a hugely sinister and worrying treaty and of

Picket to free women imprisoned for allegedly wanting to fight ISIS

Press Release: For Immediate Release.  London, 13 March 2015 PICKET OUTSIDE HOLLOWAY PRISON FOR SHILAN OZCELIK, IMPRISONED FOR ALLEGEDLY WANTING TO JOIN FIGHT AGAINST ISIS, 13th March 2015, 6PM! The Kurdish community and supporters of the Kurdish struggle are incensed at the arrest and imprisonment of 18 year old Shilan (Silhan) Ozcelik, who is accused of wanting to join the Kurdistan

Reinhard Butikofer, MEP, co-chair of European Green Party hails success of #Greensurge

Great speech and clear on opposing austerity too!

Green Party conference: Trade Union meeting

Dear GPTU members,

Come and join our session on Sunday
morning - meet other trade unionists and help to build the GPTU network in the
party. We value your contribution whether you can share your experience, ask
questions or propose actions for further training.

Our session is called A
Beginner's Guide to trade union activism - but we will also discuss how to
build relationships